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Elder Care Regional Economic Development

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Ulster County Seal

Jack Hayes Ulster County Legislator District 8
24 Tinkers Lane
Gardiner, NY 12525
845 255 5152

President Dennis Murray
Co-Chair Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council
Marist College
3399 North Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
September 26, 2011

Dear President Murray
I attended the meeting of the Mid Hudson Regional Economic Development Council at SUNY Ulster on September 18, 2011 and would like to offer the following thoughts on the development of your Five Year Plan. During my tenure as Ulster County Legislator I have had great concern regarding the care of our aging population. I have outlined my thoughts and possible solutions for Ulster County in the attached executive summary. Elder Care is truly a regional if not national concern and I think it would be an excellent element of a proposal applying for enhanced funding opportunities as  described in the above meeting. The proposal could include (but not be limited to) the following subjects;
Create a strategic Elder Care master plan.
Form a public /private partnership for facilitating Elder Care services
Design and build an Elder Care Center of Excellence prototype campus
Develop career specific curriculum through SUNY offering degrees and certificates
Develop industry standards and a code of ethics for Elder Care providers
Initiate tax reform for caregivers and elders who create Aging in Place lifestyles
I am not a subject matter expert in Elder Care but the Ulster County Aging Council is fortunate to have one in the person of Sue Hoger. I am sure we have many talented people in this field throughout the Mid-Hudson area that would be eager to become involved in such an endeavor. I would appreciate any consideration you may give this suggestion.
Jack Hayes
Cc:  Bonacic,


DD214 for Vets

Ulster County Seal

Ulster County Legislature

Congressman Chris Gibson
United States House of Representatives
2120 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
May 17, 2011
Dear Congressman Gibson,

I hope you are well. I am sure you are busy. I met you in Albany New York at the New York State Conservative Party Political Action Conference earlier this year. I had spoken to you regarding possibly creating a new DD 214 , Report of Separation, format. I suggest we give our service members a DD 214 in the form of a credit card complete with photo identification. The DD 214 is such an important document. It is used to facilitate all veterans benefits. A paper copy could be issued as well but the credit card would be more durable. Our young men and women are accustomed to the credit card format and I believe they would understand the value of keeping it secure.
Many businesses are offering military personnel special pricing contingent on proof of their military service. It is difficult for veterans to carry a paper copy of their DD 214 with them at all times and thus the lack of proper identification can cause them delays in obtaining benefits.
I also think there may be less loss of DD 214’s in a plastic format and hence less time consuming (and expensive) duplicating activities.
I would appreciate anything you may be able to do to move this forward. I realize it is a small matter but everyone (mainly Vets) I have spoken to about the concept was very interested. I thank you in advance for your efforts.


Jack Hayes

Cc file, McKeon

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Cupcakes on Main Street

Ulster County SealJack Hayes
Ulster County Legislator,
PO Box 414,
Gardiner NY 12525
845 633 8733

Made in the USA and sold on MAIN STREET USA , in particular Main Street, Gardiner, NY. Local bakers extraordinaire lined the streets of Gardiner on the Annual Cupcake Festival day. There was music, fellowship and standing room only entrepreneurship in the moist air. The rain did not dampen the spirits or level of attendance. The parking lots were full and the lines of cars waited patiently to get a space and visit the activities.
I can’t be absolutely sure but I don’t think a single vendor was operating with a government subsidy or bailout package. Sales were swift and some cooks sold out with two whole hours to go. It really appeared to be a business success. It’s hard to believe that individual people could pull together a fun and profitable enterprise without the help of Big Government. Go Figure. But not so fast , the Gardiner Fire Department was there. Isn’t that Government? Sort of. The Gardiner Fire Department volunteered their assistance to help with traffic and keep things safe. Thanks to the men and women of the Gardiner Fire Department they accomplished that task for our community (pretty much like they always do). New York State Department of Transportation also cooperated by closing route 44/55 and signing the event well in advance. So may maybe there was a collaborative effort after all.
So an industrious group of small businesses and Not For Profits put their heads together and created a fun event that brought people to our community and those people spent money and had a good time. I wonder if they might just be on to something.
I think some of the powers to be make things too complicated, don’t trust basic American Initiative and try to regulate people into disinterest. They might just learn a thing or two from a CUPCAKE FESTIVAL.

Jack Hayes

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