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Smart Meter/ Cell Phone Radiation

I attended the Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY Forum at the Woodstock Library on September 10, 2016. Even though the room was warm and heavy with humidity there was a recognizable sense of purpose in the eyes of all who gathered together that evening. The ongoing Forum brought together people from all across the Hudson Valley region who share strong beliefs about protecting our environment. Weston Blelock was a gracious and able facilitator of the evening’s program, “Impacts of the 5G Spectrum Smart Phones” by Dafna Tachover.(Practicing Attorney at Law in New York and Israel, former Officer Israeli Defense Forces, http://www.wearetheevidence.org )
Ms. Tachover, a victim of over exposure to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity radiation related her experience. She clearly outlined the difficulty in tracing sources of pain and discomfort when said source is an invisible electronic wave. She identified the conflicting body of literature regarding the threat of Electromagnetic exposure. The fact that our Federal and State Governments seem to have partnered with the Wireless Industry is troubling. I am concerned that we the people have lost our thin layer of protection. There was a time when I may have been skeptical of Ms Tachover’s claims but a lifetime of manipulation by Corporate America has changed my perspective. As a veteran of the US Navy I served in the boiler room, I was exposed to extremely high levels of asbestos on a daily basis. I was able to buy cigarettes for ten cents a pack. My brother was in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. I saw my government deny the toxic effects of these exposers for decades as Veterans were denied medical treatment. I witness young men and women return from military service in the Middle East suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and overmedication. I listen to reports of their suicides and drug addiction and incarceration. We must be ever vigilant of whether our food has been genetically modified and if it is coming from countries that have laws protecting the quality of food. So yes I am a more skeptical person than I was fifty years ago and yes I appreciate people coming together like Weston Blelock , to protect other people who they have never met from Invisible Toxic Exposure. The Smart Meters Forum at Woodstock NY is a dedicated group of people who deserve more support from their elected officials. If I am chosen to be the NYS Assemblyman from District 103 I will work to insure the highest levels of safety and protection for all New Yorkers.

Jack Hayes
Gardiner, NY

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