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Respect Life

Judith Di Matteo
Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley
3125 Rt. 9W, Suite 201
New Windsor, NY 12553
Planned Parenthood

August 26, 2016
Dear Ms. Di Matteo,
I apologize if I have caused you any inconvenience in my delayed response to your questionnaire. In reviewing your questions and choice of answers I find that I am unable to participate in the completion of the document. I am a firm believer in the Sanctity of Life, all life; human, animal and environmental. I abhor the continued devaluation of life in all instances. I believe the harvesting of the unborn is an unnatural and atrocious act. The dehumanization of living human babies by current terminology is morally deficient.
In my years of public service, I have witnessed the pain and suffering of women and families due to abortions. The model of loco parentis where by an “Agency” replaces “The Family” in making decisions regarding life and death is not beneficial to developing family structure and cohesiveness in our society. Respect for Life must be enhanced rather than diminished. The lack of “Respect for Life” is carried over to lack of respect for common decency, morality and civics. A return to a family unit with moral, ethical and educational values will contribute greatly to the reduction in unplanned pregnancies. The places where “The Village” has assumed the parental duties over children have failed. Those “Villages” have become centers of violence. I do not believe governments can replace parents and family units.
I have stated my personal beliefs and why they are not compatible with the philosophies of your organization. That said I will respect and abide by all existing law and statute. I will dedicate my efforts in public office to the wellbeing of the people who I serve. I appreciate your patience and diligence in soliciting my response.

Jack Hayes

Jack Hayes

24 Tinkers Lane Gardiner NY 12525

845 255 5152


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