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Senior Care Executive Summary

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Executive Summary  Ulster County Skilled Care Nursing

Ulster County Skilled Care Nursing Facility at Kingston NY has been the object of several legislative reviews regarding operations and physical condition of the building. The operations budget continues to rise and exceed funding mechanisms thus requiring additional county funding. The physical condition of the building is reported to be in need of substantial repair, renovation ($40-80 million) and/or replacement. The Ulster County Legislature is tasked with deciding whether to continue to operate this facility and conduct the repairs/replacement or sell the License and discontinue Skilled Care Nursing as a County service.
An alternative to the above two options could be to create a Private/Public Partnership where-in the County could provide land, tax incentives and the Skilled Care Nursing License to a Private entity that would build and operate a new facility in Ulster County.
Additionally the Public portion of this partnership would enlist the cooperation and collaboration of all governmental stakeholder; Federal, State and County. Lack of open and honest cooperation and communication regarding senior health care initiatives has plagued progress in this area.
A Public/Private Partnership should go beyond the replacement of a single physical property and current service. A Strategic Master Plan for Senior Health Services should be created for the Mid Hudson Region. Ulster County should embark on a path of innovative economic development to meet the needs of its aging population. Federal and New York State agencies tasked with the care of our senior population have the opportunity to develop not only plans but physical designs to address; keeping seniors in their homes, senior housing, assisted living and skilled care nursing facilities. Ulster County is in a unique position to exploit a challenge and transform it into a solution that will provide needed services and needed job opportunities.
Ulster County (and other Counties in the Mid-Hudson Region) could initiate Senior Centers of Excellence where-in campuses of senior housing, assisted housing and skilled care nursing facilities are co-located creating symbiotic communities and economically profitable development and operation opportunities for business investment. These Senior Centers of Excellence could be located in areas suffering from economic distress and act as incubators to related service industries.
State University of New York campuses and local Board of Cooperative Services could facilitate curriculum to all areas of elder care ranging from custodial services to executive level management positions. Certificate and degree programs could assure a qualified and professional staffing requirement that would eliminate a weakness in the health care industry. The Power of SUNY Strategic Plan pipeline should be fully implemented to address Senior Care, a guaranteed growth sector.
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council should be utilized to apply for funding to develop a prototype Senior Center of Excellence in Ulster County. Enhanced incentives to this project should be made available by federal and state agencies in that it is a project that will create quality job opportunities, elder care and be a model for the nation.

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