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Law Enforcement & Public Safety Commitee Update

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Ulster County Legislature

Jack Hayes, Chairman
Law Enforcement & Public Safety  Committee

Update 1-27-11 Senator John Bonacic has asked NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to commence an action directing NYCDEP to immediately cease and desist their illegal activities, remedy them, and pay actual and punitive damages for their behavior.

The following letter was written in support of County Executive Michel Hein’s efforts to stop the pollution of the Esopus Creek Basin. I urge all concerned citizens to write to your State and Federal representatives and ask them to bring about a speedy resolution to this problem.

United States Senator Charles Schumer
Hart Senate Office Building/Room 313
Washington, DC 20510
January 21, 2011

Dear Senator Schumer
I am writing to enlist your assistance regarding the pollution of the Esopus Creek in Ulster County, NY. County Executive Michel Hein advised the Ulster County Legislature that he has been unable to obtain cooperation from the United States Environmental Protection Agency in enforcing the Clean Water Act. Apparently New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has also failed to assist Ulster County in stemming the pollution of the beautiful Esopus Creek.
County Executive Hein has advised the Ulster County Legislature that it may need to fund a litigation action against New York City Department of Environmental Protection. I believe the United States Department of Environmental Protection is the more appropriate agency to pursue this prosecution. I don’t think the Ulster County tax payer should bear the sole burden of enforcing an obvious federal violation.
I am confident you will come to our aid as you always have in the past. I know you will realize the urgency of the situation as the silt accumulates while I am writing. The silt is affecting the fish, wildlife, spring crops and recreational beaches. I am available to assist you in any manner you might wish.


Jack Hayes
845 594 9367

cc. Gillibrand, Hinchey
Cuomo, Bonacic, Cahill
Bloomberg, Hein,

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NYS Conservative Party Political Action Conference

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Sunday January 30, 2011
1:00 PM    NYS Budget / E.J. McMahon – NY as part of the Great Recession has continued “Unsustainable Spending Growth and a “Debt Bindge” both result in MAJOR TAX INCREASES. Solutions; Tax Caps, Freeze public-sector wages, pension and health care reform, Growth oriented Tax Policy.
1:45 PM TERM LIMITS / Eric Ulrich – NYC has had some limited success with term limits. The bottom line is that most people who get elected want to stay elected and will controvert laws to stay in office. This needs work.
2:15 PM  WINNING IN NEIGHBORHOODS / Bill Spada – “ “. Bill’s organization assists campaigns with old fashion “Boots on the Ground” strategy. Has had great success even prominent liberal districts.
2:45 PM LAW ENFORCEMENT CONCERNS / Butch Anderson, Dutchess County Sheriff –  Gangs are the number one problem. Budget cuts are stretching police resources very thin.
3:15 PM MEETING THE CHINA CHALLENGE/ Jay Townsend –  Mr. Townsend ran for US Senate in NY 2010. China has a STRATEGIC PLAN (Similar to Ronald Regan; “We win they lose”) the US does not! US losing manufacturing ability, China growing. China infringes on US patents. US has the highest INDUSTRIAL TAXES in the world. US is driving business out of the country.
3:45 PM NYS LEGISLATIVE PANEL/ Senator Lee Zeldin, Senator Pat Gallivan, Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin  – Consensus that NYS has to cut spending, reform pensions (they are underfunded) and replace with 401-k savings. Support Governor Cuomo’s Cuts and reform.
4:30 PM THE ECONOMY,CAN IT BE SAVED?/David Malpass – Mr. Malpass ran for US Senate in NY in 2010. A full presentation of his financial analysis can be found at  His analysis is factual, unemotional and grounded in fact.”The US debt to GDP ratio is rising from 60% to nearly 100%”. We are a borrower country and China is our bank.
5 PM The VIEW FROM WASHINGTON W/a GOP CONGRESS/ Congressman Chris Lee – Initiate educational incentive STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
5:30 PM US Congressional Panel: Michael Grimm 13 CD, Nan Hayworth 19 CD, Chris Gibson 20 CD, Richard Hanna 24 CD, Ann Marie Buerkle 25 CD, Thomas Reed 29 CD. The panel consisted of the NYS freshman Congressional  group 2011. The members reported that they have been well received by the GOP Caucus and have not been pressured to be “seen and not heard”. They have in fact begun writing bills which have found acceptance by the Caucus. They are highly educated and pragmatic individuals with varying backgrounds that will aid them in the very challenging times ahead. They have been assigned to committees which will be chaired by senior GOP Congressman. They know they have to accomplish REFORM and are receptive to new ideas. I would recommend we utilize these people as much as possible and circumvent representatives who have not been receptive to us in the past.
JANUARY 31, 2011
9 AM  JUST DO IT  /  Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive – He described his position as a Conservative Exec with a liberal legislature. He has been attempting to cut spending while his legislature continues to refund his cuts. The legislature is aligned with county labor unions and has not adopted Pension/Healthcare reform platforms. The shift in attitudes (electing a conservative GOP Exec ) may be reinforced if and when Governor Cuomo enacts his cost cutting and reform budget.
9:30 PM AMERICA THE BANKRUPT / Hon. Joseph DioGuardia – “Joe” US Senate Candidate 2010 and former US Congressman called for an “Accountability Caucus” . He is taking on the role of “Paul Revere”; “THE CHINESE ARE COMING, THE CHINESE ARE COMING”. As an accountant Joe described the federal budget and finances as COOKED BOOKS. The present system is created so that no one can understand it and it is criminal in its deception. REFORM IS NEEDED.
10 AM ENDING EARMARKS, / Brian Baker, , reviewed some of the indecent allocations of taxpayer funds to obvious special interest groups. His website has a “Heroes and Hooligans” list which identifies representatives who do not engage in EARMARKS and those who do. Do not be fooled by reps who say “ I support legislation to end earmarks” and then do so anyway “cus everyone else is doing it”. Ask your rep to PROMISE TO END EARMARKS.
10:30 AM THE ASSAULT ON LIBERTYTAKING BACK YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS / Hon. Betsey McCaughey, Former NYS Lt. Governor – the current Pelosi Obamacare  federally mandated insurance policy is unconstitutional. “The federal government is not empowered under the constitution to make you buy a product” ( Courts in the State of Florida agree w/ McCaughey). Why should our tax dollars be used to fight law suits on such an obvious infringement of our constitutional rights. Watch this one. Call your reps and be heard.
11 AM STOPPING THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE/ Andy Sullivan, , , presented impelling reason why the Cordoba Project Mosque should not be built in the old Burlington Coat factory building. Two very non controversial issues are; 1. The building was one of the first NY buildings to be attacked , as it was hit by the landing gear of one of the planes. And 2. It is a NYC Landmark designated site. Andy is a survivors advocate and has been fighting to preserve the right of those opposed to this construction to dissent. Andy is a Construction Worker from Brooklyn and has been organizing a Contruction Workers boycott of participation in the construction of Cordoba. Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had at one time mentioned a federal investigation of people protesting the construction (Big Brother watching you?). Another site you may wish to visit is .
11:30 AM REALLY MAKING ABORTION RARE / Kathleen Gallagher spoke on Abortion: Safe, Legal, Rare. Ms Gallagher related a recent investigation of a Philadelphia abortion clinic that had been operationg to fifteen years without ever having been inspected. The investigation revealed horrific conditions in the clinic which included filth, animal feces, continuous use of “Single Use” surgery instruments, lack of sterilization equipment and unqualified staff. The full report is not for those with a weak stomach. She said there is still much to as abortion rates are rising.
12:30 PM MARK STEYN – author, orator, recording artist, talk show host, gave a robust presentation of the need for all conservatives to STAY THE COURSE and continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Steyn  clearly predicted that the United States is on the course of the European financial breakdown. Mr. Steyn lambasted the current rudderless administration for at least a half hour. His wit, sarcasm,  and humor were punctuated with cold reality. America better wake up!!! If you have not seen Mark Steyn I would highly recommend you take a look.
1.PM NYS CHAIRMAN MIKE LONG addressed the conference. Chairman Long extolled those present for having endured a tumultuous and at times precarious election cycle. He credited the leaders of the Conservative Party with maintaining an illustrious tradition of helping the larger parties regain focus and responsiveness to the people they serve (an oft repeated remark during this conference by many of the speakers). I think he eluded to the fact that we Conservatives serve as both a compass and a moral conscience to those who choose to govern. Too often people with good intentions lose their footing and seem to stray off course. Too often a culture of indulgence and greed clouds the decisions of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. Chairman Long credited the individual efforts of chairs and committees; town ,county and state, with our prestigious return to ROW C.
Footnote; It was obvious to me that most of the “Elected” and even the those who were unsuccessful were totally aware of the enormous role the Conservative Party has in the governance process of New York State. In instances when some of our candidate were unsuccessful, our message was still heard. The course correction in Washington, DC is unmistakable. The course being chosen by Governor Andrew Cuomo is very compatible with many of our principles. I believe the overall sentiment of the attendees at the conference was; as long as  Governor Cuomo continues to embrace fiscal reform, he should have our support. I concur with this belief. It has been a long time since we had a Governor who actually professed conservative ideology. He will need all the help he can get and I will participate in his reform efforts. I hope you are well. Rest up a little we have another election cycle coming up and we need your help.

Jack Hayes

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