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NEWS,VIEWS AND MUSE from the Sixth Floor

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John J. Hayes
24 Tinkers Lane
Gardiner, NY 12525
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NEWS,VIEWS AND MUSE from the Sixth Floor. April has been a busy month for
Ulster County. Committees, Commissions and Boards have been meeting and working to
make Ulster County one of the most beautiful, prosperous and healthy places to live in
the United States.
Office of the Aging Council Chair Yvonne Allensonn has been working hard to
maintain and improve quality of life issues for seniors. She is planning a great luncheon
honoring Centenarians and the Senior Citizens of the Year on May 7, 2010 at the Hillside
Manor in Kingston.
The Criminal Justice Council is trying to determine the impact of Leandra’s Law.
A New York State law that will require persons convicted of Driving While Intoxicated to
have an Ignition Interlock Device installed on their car. The device would check a
person’s alcohol content and prevent the car from starting if they were intoxicated. The
law is helpful but the cost of enforcing it falls completely on the county. In a time of
multimillion dollar deficits it is another unfunded mandate from the state.
Ulster County Youth Bureau’s Krista Barringer has been working on the 10th
annual Youth Recognition Awards planned for May 27,2010 at Honor’s Haven in
Ellenville NY. Our future is our youth they need our support.
Speaking of support, the residents of Wawarsing are literally up to their necks in
New York City water. The NYC water aqueduct which passes under their homes is
leaking and filling the basements of their homes with water. Mayor Mike Bloomberg
“HELP”. Billions of gallons of the purest, sweetest water in the world are being wasted.
This has been going on for twenty years. Let’s get behind the people of Wawarsing and
The Ulster County Concerned Chiefs, (Fire Department Chiefs) have been
meeting with Chiefs throughout the county discussing the need to upgrade
communications systems. I attended a meeting at Highland and Ellenville firehouses. The
meetings were well attended and the discussion was lively. Good communications are
vital to emergency response and the efforts of all our Chiefs will enhance the safety of
our families.
The SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) appeared before the
Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee. SPCA Investigator Saunders reported
that the volume of investigations were up and his budget was feeling the strain. When I
reported this information to the Ulster County Chiefs of Police Association they
generously voted to make a $500 contribution to the Society. The Chiefs of Police
Association is holding its annual dinner on May 5, 2010 at the Hillside Manor anyone
needing tickets can contact me. Also helping SPCA was Jamie Meluso of Gardiner. She
made her Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award project the collection of useful items for the
shelter. Everyone can help SPCA by trying to resolve animal issues locally and
remembering them with contributions.
I joined President Don Katt, Ulster County Community College in attending
SUNY PURCHASE for a presentation of the SUNY STRATEGIC PLAN.

SUNY Chancellor, Nancy L Zimpher outlined the plan which makes our renown educational
system an integral element of the economic revitalization of New York State. Ms.
Zimpher’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious and I believe she will lead our education
community to even great heights. Ulster County Community College was recognized by
the Chancellor as a leader in our University network. Nice work Dr. Katt!
Speaking of WORK, that four letter word, let’s all put our efforts toward creating
more JOBS (another four letter word) in Ulster County. We need to support small local
businesses as they create some of the best work opportunities.
There is a great deal of positive action occurring in our county. I will try to keep
you informed and my website will soon be expanded so that you will be able to get
information for free and I won’t have to worry about how many words my message is.
Jack Hayes
Ulster County Legislator

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